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Subject: Hey you read this tribute now alright, just do it okay, come on, oh alright nevermind. ( 1 of 7 )
Posted by John Newell

What can I say about such a brilliant author and thinker. My words are not worthy to be here, but I'll say may peace anyway. What would I be without Douglas Adams, probably a successful businessman or maybe a great student. Oh well I fell into his web of creations and never been the same since. Douglas Adams wrote some of the best literature ever, he made me think, he made me laugh, sometimes he made me feel a little gassy, and even sometimes he made me cry when I received paper cuts from his many pages. What can I say the pain was always worth it in the end. I remember the first time I picked up one of his books, reading the first paragraph laughing so hard as the snot flew from my nose, "this was it," I said, "finally a paper weight I may actually read." If only he were here now in time of national crisis, I'm sure he'd insist that we and the Taliban just shut up and drink some tea. Oh well he was one of the few people on this small rock floating in a desolate place in the galaxy that thought with the logic that life is very ridiculous most of the time except for those pleasing moments that we have sitting on the toilet relieving ourselves, oh and of course showers. Those are nice times aren't they? Anyway I should probably finish this tribute up for the very few people who will actually read it. Thank you Mr. Adams for all you've written and all the thoughts you thought except for the disturbing sexual ones you had about that penguin that one time at the zoo. Anyone feel free to reply to this thread and share your silly words other wise your gay. Yeah you heard me you're a sissy girl, uh huh, so you'd better reply. Once again thank you Mr. Adams, rest in peace dear friend.

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