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  • 22.Oct.2001 07:07:02 So Long, and Thanks for all the Books - Raimie

    Subject: So Long, and Thanks for all the Books ( 1 of 1 )
    Posted by Raimie

    I remember reading the 5-book "trilogy" of The Hitchhiker's Guide very vividly. And just as clearly I recall the end.

    After four and a half books in which Ford, Arthur, Trillian, Marvin, Zaphod, and a slew of other memorable characters had kept me laughing for nearly a week, the end came, abruptly and suddenly. I still remember it. Less than 2 pages left, and Ford hands Arthur the matchbook with "Stavro Mueller's BETA" printed on it. A paragraph or two about their feelings and reactions to the discovery, and then it was done.

    Despite all the humor those books provided, I nearly cried at the end. I'd grown fond of those characters, and for such an end to come crashing out of nowhere, so suddenly, I was devestated. But I couldn't place my finger on why it had such an impact on me, for being a silly comedy.

    I was cruising the 'net not too long ago when I stumbled upon the news that Douglas Adams had died. The feeling I felt was much akin to my reading of the end of THHGTTG series. I couldn't believe it. I was shocked, I was hurt. But this time, I knew why. No more would I get to read new drawn out and hilarious analogies I'd grown to love. Nowhere would I find such colorful and hilarious characters as I did in THHGTTG or the Dirk Gently series.

    Heck, I've only been a fan for 5-6 years; I was looking forward to more work from him. I had bought Starship Titanic as soon as it came out, I had gone to wait in line at Virgin Records in San Francisco to get the book signed by, and to meet Douglas Adams himself, I had searched arduously for the radio transcripts of THHGTTG, rented vidoes at libraries, looked up bio information on the web, the list goes on.

    And now this.

    I'm really going to miss him. I hope wherever he is, he finds The Question, and gets as many laughs out of afterlife as he gave during life.

    Raimie of Oregon
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