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Subject: My Tribute ( 1 of 1 )
Posted by Michael Richards

I just now found out about Douglas Adam's death. He is, unfortunately, not well-known here in Seattle, where I live, and even tho I'm a news junkie, I had no idea Douglas died. When I found out, I had to read more than 200 messages on this forum before I found out how he died.

Like most of you out there, Douglas Adams totally got me thru my growing up years. It was his writing that got me into science fiction, Dr Who, and sparked the desire in me to become a writer. I had hopes of meeting him one day, but now that'll have to wait until I pass on as well.

I don't need to say that he will be sorely missed, because he will. He gave the world a lot with his brilliant books and radio shows, and his legacy will continue to live forever. I believe each of us contains an eternal spirit, that we have lived before our birth, and we will continue to live after we pass off this mortal coil. I know this mainly from a personal experience I have had with death. I know where he's gone, and am grateful for that knowlege. The Book of Mormon describes death as "that undiscovered country from whence no traveller returns". How true. Douglas Adams now knows better than all of us what that journey is like. We must assume that it was his time to go, and that he is happier there than he was here.

Mr. Adams, we love you. Thank you for everything you've done. My best wishes to your family.
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