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  • 08.Nov.2001 23:51:59 Unacknowledged Brilliance - Pam

    Subject: Unacknowledged Brilliance ( 1 of 1 )
    Posted by Pam

    Dear Douglas,

    I remember two or three years ago, writing a letter to you stating how marvelous you were and what an impact you've had on my life. It takes a good author to slip his works into the toolkit of my life. In my letter I expressed regret for not being able to give my appreciation to Roald Dahl, Shel Silverstein, and Dr. Seuss. I waited to long, and they moved to a place where no forwarding address existed. Now it is the same for you. I absolutely adore you, and I hope to see you again sometime.

    With Absolute Love,
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