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  • 25.Nov.2001 11:44:19 Late tribute - Ryan

    Subject: Late tribute ( 1 of 1 )
    Posted by Ryan

    I didn't really know where to say what I wanted to about Doug... and I didn't really know what to say until now, nearly, what, eight, nine months after it happened.

    I was shocked when I heard about it. I thought, no way could that be true. He's gonna finish the next book of the Hitchiker's series, or do another Last Chance type book. He can't be finished now.

    Two weeks later, I was out with my towel. Only the people in the bookstore realized what it was, and only then when I bought a new copy of The Ultimate Hitchiker's Guide.

    I love Douglas' books, his writing... I first read the Guide when I was in sixth grade and it made no sense. Now, I read it and some of it makes sense. I realize new things about it every time I read it. His writing was so deep and true and insightful. Also so easy to read and so complex at the same time. I dunno... I'm going to miss what he didn't write, but I'm so happy for what he did.

    I hope that yet another fan expressing condolences will help the family. Thank you.
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