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  • 26.Nov.2001 06:13:07 Memories - Blondie

    Subject: Memories ( 1 of 1 )
    Posted by Blondie

    How do we heal after the loss of a loved one? I think we rely, in part, on our *memories*. We share those memories with others who have traveled the same road.

    We discuss the good times with shared laughter. We shed tears over the sorrows of life now gone. Mostly, we rejoice in the fact that he/she lived, and we shared life with them for a while.

    Those of us outside of Douglas Adams family, and close friends, cannot know the sorrow they endure. We can, however, let them know that we *care*, and that we miss him too. His light has left this galaxy far too soon, but we will see it's reflection for the rest of our days.

    My plea is for this site to return to *Tributes & Memories* of a man who invited us all to "Share and Enjoy!".

    Rest in Peace to our favorite Guide through the Galaxy, and Love and Joy to his family!
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