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  • 26.Nov.2001 10:51:36 A Tribute to Douglas Adams, father, son and brother - Skip Skydive
Subject: A Tribute to Douglas Adams, father, son and brother ( 1 of 4 )
Posted by Skip Skydive

Was Douglas Adams a great author, or humourist, or Vogon poet? Well yes, I think he was. He has left us all with a legacy of that work, and we are lucky that he did so. We can continue to read that, and continue to enjoy what he gave to us.

But what has he left his family? They will not remember him as the witty writer who made us laugh, who introduced to them the startlingly real concept of a Shoe Event Horizon. They will remember him as their father, or their son, or their brother.

No amount of books they read can bring back to them what Douglas Adams was to them. They are not so fortunate as us.

My own father died in a February. My elder brother died unexpectedly later in that same year (in August, days before his birthday). That christmas, there was a great hole in the family which nothing could fill. This year, the families of Douglas Adams' will know that emptiness.

It would be nice if someone would stop using this Tributes forum as a place to grumble about his treatment at other sites. He brought about his own downfall; I have no sympathy for him.

My sympathies are with the families of Douglas Adams.

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