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Subject: To the Family ( 1 of 1 )
Posted by Clarence Zimmerman

I am so sorry for your loss.
There have been only 3 Authors that have ever totally captured my complete audience Douglas, Richard Bach and Woody Allen. I have read, watched and or listened to all of their works that have been available to me. I felt a grave loss with W.A.'s lack of moral fiber. I don't think I could ever read him again. And now I have felt an even deeper loss with the passing of Mr. Adams. He was one of the few people I would have ever loved to have met in person. I have been a fond follower of his works since at least 8th grade (1979) when I saw the "guide" on public television from the BBC. In my adult years I rallied for years to the PBS stations to provide the tapes for sale to the public. I learned then it was a rights issue and was very happy to learn several years ago that it was finally released. I sits in my collection now as I write. Today I am down to one Hero and the day Mr. Bach passes on I may just have to start writing for myself...
P.S. I would like to add Randy Newman to that list of hero’s while not an author he is a writer. And he is worthy of adding to this list as one of the few people that totally capture my spirit and has inspired my soul.

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