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Subject: A VERY HOOPY CHRISTMAS ( 1 of 1 )
Posted by Timeloyd Rich

I miss Douglas Adams very much, and wish I had not put off finding out what he thought of my Galactic Resource until I felt it was great. It was to be a gift to him to honor him and the Guide.
In the Hitchiker*s Guide To The Galaxy I believe that he is with us here. I am convinced that he created this Forum site to discuss his stuff and so he would have a place to go when he died so he could always be with his fans. Since he did not have a body to return to and rest with his Spirit he had to go someplace so he created the Community and Infro now Tribute Forums so that he could be with us always as the energy of his Spirit has become one with the energy in all his Computer Forums. He is here among us. During this Sacred Time in this Sacred Place I wish a very Merry Yule, Hoopy Christmas and other traditions and nontraditions Douglas Adams observed.
I give my Hoopiest wishes and Warmest feelings to Douglas, His wife, Daughter
(check Santa in Community Forum for my recepie for Magic Reindeer Food), and all his friends for an Amazingly Amazing Christmas .... and a really Shinin* New Year (Eat Black Eye Peas on New Years Day for a healthy and prosperous New Year)..
and Hoopy Froods everywhere. I feel he w For Hoopy Cookies , The GingerBread Fruitcake Plum Pudding, Pies, etc go to
my GALACTIC RESOURCE. Share and enjoy ~

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