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Subject: HHGG TextAdventure: Need help ( 1 of 3 )
Posted by sman


I'm German, and want ask, if there's a german version of the HHGG-text-adventure anywhere, too?

If not, ok, but in your version I don't know what to do, I have to find aspirin, I think, but there's no aspirin. I thought perhaps it is in the pocket of the gown, but I can't open the pocket, because if I want to do that, I get a message, that it is hard to open or close the pocket unless I'm wearing the gown. But I tried it by wearing and by not wearing the grown, but everytime the same message!

And in fact, how can I get out of the room? Everytime I try it, Arthur runs against a wall, everytime he misses the door!

I hope you can help me in this, I think very funny game (c:

Ciao sman

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