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Subject: ((( BLOODY HELL))) ( 1 of 2 )
Posted by R. Morrow

I was Just to day Listening to the Live reading verson of HichHikers Guide to the Galaxy in my new car. I want to see how good the sound system was and sence I had played it so many time I know it would give me a over all view on how good the sound system was. Never has it sounded so good. I though I wounder if I could find any audio books whith Dougles reading the books like he did in the for the live reading (I'm still looking) so if you know of any LET ME KNOW!

The the News it my computer that he died last year. (((BlOOLY HELL!...)))Even thow I'm not British.

But I am really glad I picked up the wrong book at the "book swap" 7 years ago, I thought I was going to be getting a book on the Galaxy and what it was all about. But insted It pick up the one that was next to it, not really noticeing I had pick up the wrong book until I got home. At first I was PISSED! Then I read, I think it was 2 maybe 3 pages next thing I knew it was the next day and I had finished the book that had made me so mad at first. I really Thank God he let me pick up the wrong book that day. I have sence read all the H.H.G.t.t.G. books and a few others the Dougles has written.
But the first time that I heard live reading, I was hooked FOREVER!
(((BLOODY HELL!))) I wish he had not have died... it like losing the Grand Canyon, or a really important phone number tha belongs to a really Good looking Girl, that you've just meet. In other words, when it's gone you never can get anything that can ever replace it. Amd Mr. Adams was that in a nutshell, not that he was a nutshell or he could fit into a nutshell. He was 1 of a kind.

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