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Subject: American Airlines? ( 1 of 15 )
Posted by Robin

I recently took a trip to the caribbean over the christmas break, which sucked, but aside from that point. On my return from San Jose I had a 2 hour layover in Miami where I spent my time in the Admirals Club (frequent flyer/pay lots o money and get to spend your time in a posh club instead of the trashy terminals, not saying that the Miami airport is a crappy place, cause it is, but its just nicer in these admirals clubs, anyway...) While I was sitting there with the rest of my family, reading a StarWars book, someone who looked a lot like Douglas Adams--had a Apple Powerbook (wallstreet model i think) stunning good looks (not gay, just brown nosing) and an old leather case with him too with some firewire stuff, if it wanst DNA, that guy is pretty hip, but was it? It was January 3rd, but I dont know what time it was, afternoon perhaps... I didnt ask the guy though cause I dont know how DNA reacts to fans drooling all over their computer and trying to find a pen so they can sign their shoes... But anyway, was it you?

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