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Subject: hello: some comments on my past postings ( 1 of 3 )
Posted by dr.smooth

lately i have been getting mixed reviews about my past postings about the online communitty that is beeing planned for my companys "summer prodject". first let me explain my reasons for making these postings. one of the main reasons is that you people are the internets wierdo's that would most likely visit online communitty's. some other reasons is that i need your honest opion of the aspects of the communitty that are planned to be put on there so that i can make it better than it was planned. the reason i keep posting these messages is that i know you people have some good ideas in those minds of yours and i would like to know about them. i thank the people that have shared your ideas with me. you can see the past postings for what i was talking about and maybe even comment on them.

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