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Subject: Re: Egg Sandwich Computations ( 12 of 13 )
Posted by Amanda

Dear Mr. Tagg,
Should I, in the future, expect to see a test question as follows:
Plane A is departing from site X at a speed of 400 Mi./Hr. (or whatever a good speed IS for a plane to be departing at; I don't get near the damn things myself, but I digress..). Plane B departs site Q heading south two hours later, meeting bad weather. If the Captains of Planes both A and B decide to get together later for cocktails in Marrakesh, at what time does the egg salad sandwich begin to turn? Can we take liner notes into the test? If not, will you either prep us before, or stay far away from the GRE submissions board?
Inquisitively Yours,
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