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Subject: Re: Egg Sandwich Computations ( 8 of 13 )
Posted by truck

The computations mention the number of neutrinos being tossed at earth,
but not the number of ball bearings. I'm not sure that "1" ball bearing
is a good estimate. It may be smaller than that, esp as regards 747s,
which have mostly sealed windows (some in cockpit will open though for
waving guns). There may be many places for ball bearings to FALL OFF
of 747s, however, and their existance would increase the probability
of striking picnic meals of various sorts. I'm sure when 747's fall out of the
sky altogether, in pieces or whole, that ball bearings strike the earth, skewing
the results.
Another possibility is that the egg sandwich is on the 747 itself. I'd say the
probability of egg sandwiches in airplane food is rather high, from personal
experience. The ball bearing would then not have far to fall, and and the
solid angle subtended by egg sandwiches over the interior of the passenger
cabin during meal service would approach that of romance novels.
The probability of getting bits of your egg sandwich on your romance novel
is certainly of more practical import, better suited for investigation in the modern
economic environment.
However, I'd bet most NATO munitions contain ball bearings, and Dr. Taggs results
may suggest dietary changes to the Serbian Armed Forces.
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