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Subject: Yes, I said demographics. ( 6 of 17 )
Posted by Kristina Marie

Yes, you're right, meep, there are a lot more people in the world who like the Guide, and who will see it, yes. But... one can hardly hope that all of them will... on second thought, you know something? The very fact that you assumed I believe that the (estimated) two dozen or so people who "regularly visit/write to" this board was not a very tiny minority of anything is fairly insulting!

In fact that's more insulting than being called a nerdy boy. I think you failed to grasp my point. Which wasn't a particularly inspired one, but it was a point.

Still, I really must have been unclear, so I guess I ought to try cleaning that up. I don't recommend reading beyond this if you knew what I meant in the first place.

Here it is then.

Since we can be said to represent a very small percentage of the people who are deeply and irrationally interested in the Guide and the movie, our opinions thereof are, if minimally, somewhat relevant. More relevant, let's say, than the opinions of people in Third World countries that don't have books and movies, because it probably won't matter much to them. Therefore we assume, after the fashion of obscure archaeologists, that although our chances of making a significant impact on anything at all are perhaps almost incalculably slim, they exist, so we should act on them.

All right?
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