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Subject: young, male, and nerdy?? ( 7 of 17 )
Posted by michael

good point kristina,
especially when you consider that although we may represent a minority of the actual people who will see the movie in today's society isn't it the minority who sets the standards?? i don't know what is considered nerdy anymore these days, i'm a U.S. Marine who plays ice hockey, but also loves to read and does computer networking, so am i nerdy, or is it the football jock whom when you mention the guide, or just smile when something works out to 42 and he has no idea what you mean?? i think that the people who enjoy the guide and really can't wait to see it on the big screen are intelligent, and active, most of the people that i know that loved the books, and want to see the movie have very active lives and don't sit for 24 hours in front of their computers... i don't come here to worship Mr. Adams, however spontaneously brilliant he may be, but instead to look for any further works he may have posted, as i love his writing, it is simply brilliantly hilarious, and so very true...and of course to see if they have made an actual site like the guide where everything and anything can be found there.. of course it would be a major tasking that would take up the computers on an entire planet, but well you know... so it seems that i should now say whom i think should be cast..well i would like to see harry anderson as ford, and alyssa milano as trillian, as for zaphod well, i'm not too sure, should it be one actor or two?? and the main character arthur??? well that should be hmmm i don't know maybe robin williams, or billy crystal (although i think that either would be just as good as the elder gentleman that created the fjords) of course my input is again infinitesimal, but then so is an atom, but it can destroy cities, so does that mean that my input could be just as large and earth-shattering....probably not..
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