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Subject: Re: Religious Hypocracy? ( 2 of 52 )
Posted by Mark Chiddicks

I don't know about Douglas, but I certainly would say that those who believe in ANY god are either dumb, under-educated, insane, or just wilfully refusing to think about it. Of these the 2nd and 4th are far the most common.

When I say 'under-educated' I mean, and I suspect Mr Adams would agree here, that they have not been taught the basics of rational argument. Instead of being taught HOW to think, they have been taught WHAT to think, and it takes a rare breed to be able to break away from a lifetime of indoctrination.

The 4th - wilful self-delusion is, of course, the one that the Church encourages most strongly.

Of course I could be the one who is wrong - but from what i believe to be a well-considered, intellectually rigourous standpoint, I am not able to respect opinions that I do not believe to be based on the use of logic and reason.
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