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Subject: Re: Religious Hypocracy? ( 3 of 52 )
Posted by Jim Steele

"I am not able to respect opinions that I do not believe to be based on the use of logic and reason."

Do you believe in love, Mark? Do believe in passion? In anger? Do you believe in the things that go bump in the night? I do when I'm alone in the house.

Do you believe in friendship? In music? Do you believe in dancing? Do you believe in drinking and laughing and screwing around? Do you believe in kisses and ice cream and pet ownership? A dog serves no particular purpose, but I like dogs.

If it is true that you only believe in things that can be justified through an application of logic and reason, then I feel sorry for you. I don't believe it though. I don't believe that you only respect the tactile and material and prudent. We're humans, not robots. You seem to speak of an intellectual inflexibility supposedly indoctrinated by the church, but your own mindset is as rigidly conservative as any papal bull. People believe in many crazy things that cannot be supported purely by reason. Didn't you ever love the wrong kind of girl? You know in your brain she's not right for you, but, damn, it feels right in your heart and your gut. I'm not religious, in the sense of church attendance, but I know in my belly that God feels right to me. It's called faith, and it has nothing to do with the dogma and formalities of the church. Or with the fear of what will happen to you after you die. The Jews do not believe in an afterlife, but they do believe in God. It's the ability to believe in something greater than yourself, be it love, be it God, be it pet ownership, and if you can't believe in that, then I do feel sorry for you.
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