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Subject: Re: Proof of g(G?)od ( 26 of 52 )
Posted by Si

Look, this whole proof/evidence thing is nonsense. God and religion is not about proof, it's about
faith. Either you believe in Him as a matter of faith or you don't, it's as simple as that. If He does
exist, He certainly isn't interested in proving it with some kind of evidence - he wants you to
believe in Him by faith. That's what faith is - it exists outside the realm of proof or logic or
evidence. Don't even try to link them up - it can't be done.

True, but it doesn't make for entertaining threads.

Incidentally, those who need proof of things before they recognise their existence ought to
consider love. You can't prove you're in love with someone by taking a blood test. You can't
prove you love your Dad or your Brother or Sister (assuming you do). You just know you do. That
love 'exists' in the same way that God 'exists'. By faith - you know it's true, irrespective of proof or
evidence to the contrary.

No, the idea of love exists in the same way that the idea of God exists. The physiological phenomena experienced by lovebirds, the behaviour patterns built around the "I love you" meme and parent/child behaviour are real (if not all fully understood) in a way that pregnant virgins and transubstantiation are not. It's that kind of duality that drives threads like this.
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