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Subject: Re: Religious Hypocracy? ( 8 of 52 )
Posted by no one

I spent a lot of time trying to decide weather god existed I also spent a lot of time trying to decide weather I suffered from manic depression and if I'd every have someone to love. I decided that there was no god-why should there be?, whats the point of life-none that I can see!.
I tried slashing my wrists, taking overdoses etc. and when I did there was no one there for me - a couple of police men who were passing at the time.
I used to say that if you belived in hell then you could go there.
I can't say that I know a lot about athesism(forgive my spelling I can't spell this I know)but even they belive there is no god
I have done bad things in my life - the average day to day things I am a good man but I look for absolution, to ease my guilt.
I would say that jesus is a wanker just to annoy religous types, its not who you belive its how you live your life. I hate religion, I have found a new respect for the law because at least it constantly changes and updates its self

this is a subject I feel should be avoided for as the man said not wanting to lose respect for an author I admire

I belive in a god no-ones in particular. when things are bad I shout at it when things are good I thank it- like when me and my girlfriend got together.

you can shout at me and call me what you like I live my life to a code I am true to as long as you are true to yourself what's it matter

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