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Subject: Re: What kind of Apple Mac did Arthur Dent have? ( 14 of 14 )
Posted by Master Bob

> 'please would you make up a story for me which has to do with what sort of computer Arthur had'

Well, you could write a little story about a recovering Microsoft user. Bob knows there's plenty of joke material lurking in the sunken depths of Microsoft's pustulating edifice in Redmond.

Perhaps expanding on the company's fundamental restructuring of the word "innovation" (I think there's a sofa stuck in it now), or how they forcibly sodomized the world with that festering scab of an operating system they call Windows. Or maybe you could shed some light on why Bill Gates is the first man in history to name a company after his sex organ. Somewhere in there I'm sure you could fit in a computer model reference or two. Now that I think about it, I'd probably write that story if I had a reason to. It would be a field day.

Did you know their address is One Microsoft Way? I was laughing all day about that.
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