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Subject: **TOWEL DAY 25th MAY ** LONDON ( 1 of 8 )
Posted by Great Zarquon's Trousers

Towel Day has been declared on Fri 25th May 2001 to celebrate Douglas's memory,
see these links for more info:,0

May I suggest that anyone in London on that night meet in a pub to toast Douglas
and his achievements with a few pangalactic gargle-blasters?

I propose a pub called the Captains Cabin that was frequented by Douglas Adams
and the cast of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy while they were recording the
original radio show at the nearby Paris Theatre in the 1970s.

Warning, this pub gets very busy on Fridays but I'm sure we could either brave it out
for the sake of Douglas's memory or adjourn to a quieter pub and leave sub-etha
hyperlinks (tell the barman where we've gone) at the Captains Cabin for any

- The Captains Cabin, 4 - 7 Norris Street, London, SW1Y 4RJ.
- (Between Haymarket and Regent Street)
Nearest tube:
- Piccadilly Circus or Leicester Square
- 7pm onwards Fri 25th May 2001


Great Zarquon's Trousers


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