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Subject: Re: **TOWEL DAY 25th MAY ** LONDON ( 6 of 8 )
Posted by RichardT

I don't think that it matters, it's sort of like the old
song by Arlo Guthery "Alice's Restaurant".

If one person does it, they'd think it was strange.
If two people do it, they'd think you're both gay,
but if three people did it, then they'd get worried.

But, if a whole lot of people did it, they'd think
it's a movement.

I've got this really hoopy towel with dancing dolphins
on it, a bit worn from wear and tear through out the
12 galaxies -- like me.

And don't forget the toast:

Happy Adams Day to you and yours
May you always have a fish stuck in your
ear, and know where your towel is!


-- Richard


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