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Subject: Carry Your Towel Day ( 1 of 16 )
Posted by Ivan

It has been said that some Hitch Hikers from planet Earth are not above carrying their towel with pride, in the same way that the ocean is not above the sky:) On May 25, 2001 – many of us will do so publicly – spotting those with towels in the crowds and traffic following these rules of engagement:

· pull over on the next exit and shake hands
· proceed to the closest local pub to share a pint of Pan Galactic Gurgle Bluster in the name of Douglas N. Adams.

You know, Carrying a towel in public has been spotted before. Particularly popular in parts of South Eastern lands of the Euro-Asian continent often called 'turbines'. Recently, cabbies in NY and London have come out on record saying that a turbine – is in fact a towel and a single, most efficient place to store the hard day’s earnings.

Some odd folk, who claim to own a copy of Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy - are amongst the most peculiar towel-bearing citizens. On occasions they have been seen sucking or chewing random corners of a cloth they pull out of their briefcases when stranded in traffic jams. Many have confessed to avoid performance reviews at work by wrapping their towels around necks, eyes, and heads, complaining of severe pain in places emphasized. Some were seen engaged in wet-towel slapping duels…as a way of saving on otherwise prescribed, must-attend counseling sessions… for couples. And that is precisely what is odd about these folk– they manage to slip away from institutional evaluations of sanity with a towel at hand…and a copy of HHGTG.

Well, a supposition has been voiced by these folk in unison with London cabbies (NY fellows did not return my phone calls, though I am sure they are on board with the idea) that most certainly it is a wrong time to substitute all forms of Ids and CV profiling with a TOWEL – but it is a high time to do it anyways. Thus, came about a thought to bear a towel in public next Friday...May 25, 2001...with a forward looking intent to institutionalize the tradition on every 42nd day of the year.

I hope to see you taking that nutritious, have-seen-it-all towel out of your briefcases and purses….wrap it around someplace visible. If you spot a fellow – drink a pint of you know what, and raise a toast to another splendid fellow – Douglas N. Adams.

Sir Adams, your legend will meet you on the other side of space continuum and hand you a fresh new towel with a smile. Thank you.

Ivan in SF


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