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Subject: Re: Carry Your Towel Day ( 8 of 16 )
Posted by jerry

I know this is going to sound odd, but DA said a lot of odd things that we all found hillariously funny. I am a lifeguard, and carry a towel every day, and up untill i was reading these tributes, i had forgoten the importance of the towel. I have just spent the past five hours going through my compleate hitchiker anthology, not the fancy one printed up lately, but a bunch of old beat up paperbacks, with lots of stains and missing pices of cover. There are new stains there left from the tears i shed, because i realized that without even knowing it, DA has affected me in so many ways. I had forgoten about him this past year, with college and all and didnt hear about his death untill tonight when for some od reason i came to the site. I have cried, and will probably cry some more, because i am truly feeling a loss, and in retrospect discovering how much my towel was like the towel in his books. I love you DA and will miss you, and you can bet that next week you will see me with my towel, and anyone in virginia that sees me had better follow protocol! AND THATS AN ORDER, unless you hide behind your towel and i cant see you :*}

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