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Subject: Re: Attn Heather: Re: FAO Tim, Nicky and BJ in the West Midlands UK ( 8 of 12 )
Posted by Timeloyd Rich

I am submitting my Towel Song to
you to sing on Towel Day and whenever you display your towel. It was sung at SiFi Filk sings an World Cons by me. I now dedicate it to Douglas Adams and give it to all hoopy froods. Also on the Towel Song site is a recipte for a Terran Gargle Blaster published in Mostly Harmless by ZZN Plural Z Alpha, a Hitchiker, Pub Crawl, link to my Hoopy Frood Chat Room with Memorial Party May 24 on it, and access to my Galactic Hitchhiker resource site~Guide To Hoopy CooKies And Other Neat Stuff.... HAPPY TOWEL DAY
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