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Subject: Birmingham England ( 1 of 2 )
Posted by Heather

An update then; on Friday 25th some of us are definitely going to be in Victoria Square in Birmingham, near to the Iron Man statue at 6:30pm, just for an hour, time for tea or a PGGB if we can find one. We'll have our towels and a copy of The Book with us for identification purposes.

It's so good reading all these messages; he'll never be forgotten with all of us around. I'm reading the books again, it's been ages.

Cheers, friends! And love to Jane, Polly, DNA's mum and all other family members who read this - we're all there with you. I just wish my lovely young friends Kate and Scott and their families had had this when we lost them in Australia last December; we loved them even more than Douglas. To everyone who is mourning someone, there is someone somewhere thinking of you, even if they don't know your name.

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