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Subject: Re: Post here for Obscure References ( 5 of 14 )
Posted by RichardT


All during the week after he died (it *is* just for tax
purposes right???), I'd use a bunch of phrases at work.

In a fairly stiff meeting, we were waiting for some
one else to join the meeting (a very serious sort of
guy), and I looked out the conference room window and
said (in my best Brit accent):

Space it big, really big. Now you might
think that it's a long way down to the
Chemist's, but that's just peanuts next
to space...

stunned silence followed, every one looke at me, and
then I said, "Oh, I was just thinking how pretty our
world is."

(mutters of "oh, yeah, err, ahh" -- 42, Richard.

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