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Subject: Re: Actually, Mad Statistician... ( 5 of 11 )
Posted by Sad Statistician

133 Words, as you correctly.

27 - Statement saying that the movie is not going to be an IMAX film.

58 - Plea to the masses to read the initial statement properly.

1 - Reinforce above plea.

5 - Introduction to question.

37 - Actual question.

3 - Parenthesised plea to look at the earlier plea.

2 - Closing off.

So, what do we get out of all that? Simply that the word "plea" is one of the many which sounds totally ridiculous when used repeatedly.

I would do the maths, but I can only do addition...


p.s. Actually, I've just done some maths. It turns out that it was 27.8% question and 46.6% plea and 25.4% miscellaneous. I'd like to present a pie chart of my results now...

...only I never got around to reading the HTML tutorial that Fishboy came up with some time before Christmas.
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