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Subject: Re: 70% disclaimer, 30% question about the movie ( 9 of 11 )
Posted by Jim

> However, we have talked about maybe making an IMAX
> version of the movie alongside the regular one. But this
> is just talk at the moment, nothing more. No one has
> figured out the actual feasibility of a dual project yet.
> It's just an interesting idea.

And one with a certain amount of precedence in the movie industry. At least one film (the musical 'Oklahoma') has been filmed in two formats (Todd-AO and Cinemascope). In this case, they staged each scene twice, once for each camera format. See The Internet movie database for more details.

The main problem I would forsee is the enormous differences between the two frame shapes. The director would have to plan each shot so that it made sense in both formats. It's much, much worse than the compromises directors already have to make when thinking about TV while shooting a feature in Panavision.

It's not impossible, but there's a great danger of ending up with something that's a compromise in both formats.

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