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  • 12.May.2001 17:00:30 To Polly - NoelieG

    Subject: To Polly ( 1 of 1 )
    Posted by NoelieG

    Many years ago I was feeling very sad for a very long time because I had lost someone close to me, just like you have lost your dad. Nothing could make me smile. I was living in Los Angeles at the time, listening to radio station KCRW, and one afternoon this odd, funny, wonderful radio program came on the air and caught my attention. For the first time in a long time I found myself laughing, and thereafter I looked forward to the next episode of the show each week, for in that half hour I forgot about my sadness and felt again the delight that life can bring. Time went on and as everyone always tells you will happen when you are sad, I began to feel better and life beyond that weekly half hour got better as well.

    It was your dad's talent making me feel better back then, and I am forever grateful to him. All these years later I can still listen to the tapes of that program and they still make me smile.

    I hope someday you can take comfort from a story like mine and feel proud that you had a dad who, without even realizing it, could help someone like me to feel happy again. And I hope, in these days when you are feeling so sad because your dad has passed on, that there is someone out there to help you, to remind you, that the hurt will lessen as time goes on and that there is still so much delight in store for you in your life.

    Meanwhile, know that I am very sorry for your sadness, and I send my sympathies, my prayers, and my love to you and your family.

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