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  • 12.May.2001 17:45:15 We will remember him - James Boley

    Subject: We will remember him ( 1 of 1 )
    Posted by James Boley

    No language on Earth can convey the sense of loss that we all share. The sheer tragedy of today is something that we will never come to terms with. I think NoelieG's beautiful story explains what we feel more perfectly than anyone should be able to express, and gives us that hope, that optimism for the future.

    The response here on this forum to his passing is a tribute to how he could seem to be your closest friend without ever actually meeting him. Few people can ever have such a profound influence.

    My thoughts are with the family of Douglas Adams, and I will take comfort from the fact that as long as I have just a chapter or even just a sentence from one of his books near me, he will never be truly gone.

    We will remember him.
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