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  • 13.May.2001 08:37:24 I saw him about 2 weeks ago... - Jacob

    Subject: I saw him about 2 weeks ago... ( 1 of 1 )
    Posted by Jacob

    My fiancee and I saw him at what turned out to be his final talk at Michigan Technological University.
    It was one of the best moments of my life when I got to actually meet the man that wrote my bible.
    I bought my fiancee a copy of "Last Chance To See" which he gladly signed for her. How ironic...
    We waited in line at the door for over an hour playing Uno and waiting for seating to begin.
    "6'5" and worth the climb" was what he said when asked how tall he was. A big man with the best 5-part trilogy ever written.
    During his talk at Tech (which I drove 8 hours for the sole purpose of seeing) he mentioned that he wasn't going to buy any more new gadgets until all the bugs were worked out of them, and that he had too many dongles for the widgets that don't do what they're supposed to anyways.

    "Technology is what we call stuff that doesn't work yet"
    -Douglas Adams (April 25, 2001)

    We'll miss you forever Douglas.
    Our hearts go out to his wife and daughter at this, their time of loss. We feel the pain quite keenly, it must be horrible for you.
    Jacob and Eve (two of the biggest Adams fans in Michigan)
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