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Subject: Egg Sandwich Computations ( 1 of 13 )
Posted by Nathaniel Tagg

As a neutrino physicist, I've been getting a lot of milage in my email .sig by quoting DNA (no doubt illegally):

"The chances of a neutrino actually hitting something as it
travels through all this howling emptiness are roughly comparable to that
of dropping a ball bearing at random from a cruising 747 and hitting,
say, an egg sandwich." -- Douglas Adams, _Mostly_Harmless_

It may be edifying to some people to find out exactly how accurate this statement is. Applying (or misapplying as the case may be) my expertise in this field, I've done a first-order analysis. You can read it at (let's see fi this thing handles html tags..)

I think you'll agree the results are quite surprising.

---Nathaniel Tagg


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