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Subject: Requiescat in Pace ( 1 of 1 )
Posted by Dominique Kaspar

Wherever you may be,
whoever you may think you are,

listen for a moment.

IMHO Douglas Adams was more than a writer of original and funny books - he was a humanist, concerned with the possibility of laughter in a world of vogons, a world where you have to fight for your right to be just the person you want to, and, sometimes, for a good pan-galactic garglblaster.

Although I never met him (and now never will), he has always been a light to me, the light of a human smile in a world of sorrow. One may say that Douglas Adams made "crazy" or "irrelevant" books - in my opinion, there's reason, human understanding and, most importantly, hope in his books. In telling you the beauty of the human party, in showing you wise (human) reactions on stupidity (laugh at and evade from it), he created a pleasant room in the world's mind for the generations to come - a task no less important than the original promethean enlightenment itself.

Why is s o m e t h i n g better than n o t h i n g ?

Douglas Adams was part of my answer.

May he be read throughout the time.

In sorrow, but with a smile on my face,

Dominique Kaspar

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