Welcome to the new Douglas Adams home site! Although we've only just launched it, we've already got tons of funny, useful and pretty damn definitive information for people interested in Douglas and his work. (and even if you've only got a passing interest, we're sure you'll find something here to entertain you. Somewhere.) The site is still pretty small now, but it'll be growing rapidly over the next couple of months as we introduce new features such as the forum (where Douglas's fans can exchange pleasantries and Douglas will be answering the occasional question) and Douglas's diary, which he'll be updating regularly, so he says.

My name is not Douglas Adams. My name would be Douglas Adams if Douglas had actually gotten around to writing this front page copy; however, as many people already know, whilst Douglas may be a wonderfully talented writer, he is not a punctual one. The fact that many people know this shows how notoriously unpunctual he can be. "I love deadlines," he has been quoted as saying, "I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by." Subsequently, when we, Douglas's web creatures, asked him for some front page copy for his own site, we already were getting sinking feelings and tossing around this very copy in our heads. Fortunately, although he knew that he'd probably be late with it (he is trying to write a movie script, after all, and that's a slightly more important deadline with a louder and more expensive whoosh), he did give us permission to write a front page text that would be embarrassing enough to force him to change it quickly.

This is not that text. This text, while being slightly embarrassing, is not nearly frightening enough to generate the gigantic quantities of effort required to get Douglas writing. This is because we've come up with a better plan of action, and it goes like this:

Douglas, we have your 20th Anniversary Mac. You know, the one with the gorgeous styling, the one that doesn't come with enough RAM to run its own demo CD. We also have a large hammer. You remember that saying, about when you're holding a hammer, and everything looks like a nail? You've got two weeks, and then a serious disk defragmenting job on your hands.

Anyway, thanks for visiting, and we hope you enjoy this site!


(c) Douglas Adams 2001