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Subject: Re: everything that?s already in the world when you?re born is just normal ( 9 of 14 )
Posted by Anonymous Coward

On an entirely different note than where the current thread is going, I question the use of the term "Internet" to refer to the World Wide Web. I point no fingers nor accuse anyone of being bad or wrong or whatever for using this term as I often find myself using it when talking in a general company (i.e. not with the rest of the nocturnal CS geeks that I associate with). But, since the Internet is the whole of the computers globally interconnected and all of the wonderfully never-as-high-bandwith-as-you-would-like lines between them, it makes me wonder why it is that providing a medium to get information from many of these computers is commonly misreferred to as the Internet. I wonder if this is simply another form of language mutation in which a technical term gets picked up and misused by the media (oops, pointed a finger) and gets hammered into people's heads so much that they then start to misuse the term themselves (other terms, such as "hacker" come to mind, but then again, I am a CS dork). Perhaps then we can see the media as a medium in which words and spellings get changed. But then again, maybe I'm just rambling.
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