The Movie

'When it comes down to it, my principle is this - Arthur should be British. The rest of the cast should be decided purely on merit and not on nationality.' -- DNA

After what seems like seven and a half million years, the film adaptation of Hitchhiker's is finally underway.

Anything published here is at the request of the production team or Douglas's family and friends, who claim it's far easier than mailing you all individually. So, while rumour and speculation are bound to abound elsewhere, this is the only official source for information*.


Arthur...Martin Freeman
Ford...Mos Def
Humma Kavula...John Malkovich
Marvin...Warwick Davis
Mr. Prosser...Steve Pemberton
Questular...Anna Chancellor
Slartibartfast...Bill Nighy
Trillian...Zooey Deschanel
Zaphod...Sam Rockwell

Frequently Questioned Answers

A: Only the cast listed above have been officially confirmed.
Q: Yeah but no, but yeah, but I heard that this person will be involved in the film?

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* (Well, apart from the Hammer & Tongs site, of course -- but Nick and Garth are a teensy bit busy right now).