What do you see as the dis/advantages of the net?

Wonderful swiftness of responses, which saves you a great deal of time, which you then waste by wandering about looking at loads of useless stuff.


Within hours of Douglas' death tributes started flooding into this site; in total, over nine thousand messages of condolence were posted. The forums are now closed for posting, but the tributes will remain for viewing.

This site will now serve as a tribute to Douglas and his works, preserving these tributes and all the posts that Douglas made to the original info forum.

(Fans looking for a discussion area are respectfully directed to

Douglas used the info forum to keep in touch with his fans - over the two and a half years the board was open, he replied with nearly 30 thousand words - equivalent to a small book.

Here's how he introduced the forums back in November 1998...

While you're here, take note of the following extremely useful points:-

1) Always read the MFAQ . Although it is inaccurate, it is at least definitively inaccurate. I intend to get in there and update it at some point, but probably not this millennium.

2) We have different forums for different needs. This Community forum is for general chat. The Info forum is for questions and discussions which I will read and contribute to. By the way, I hereby give notice that after twenty years of active service I am officially retiring from the job of explaining what I meant by 42. It was just a joke.

3) Because so many people have tried to pretend to be me (not by doing anything useful like tidying my desk or walking my dog, of course) we've had to put in some safeguards. When I post I will be using a highly secret strong-encrypted code, which means that my posts will be labelled Douglas Adams, in big italics and my email will show as Anything not matching these conditions is not a genuine post from me. It may be more interesting than one from me, but it won't be genuine. And don't even try to enter these details when you post because it won't work.

4) Douglas Adams and The Digital Village take no responsibility for the contents of this forum. Enter at your own risk. But above all...

Share and Enjoy.

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