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Subject: Will there ever be another edition of that Wholly remarkable book "Last chance to see"? ( 1 of 5 )
Posted by Talen Tedspaniel

Well? Will there be? Huge fan of the HHGTTH series though I am, and victim of the curse of constantly quoting obscurely to people who either haven't read the book or have forgotten it, iliciting disturbed looks or occasional abandonment, I am still more keen to hear if there is a planned follow up to the "Last chance to see" book. (or radio series, or CD-ROM or whatever weird and wonderful medium you wish to use...
I loved the book, applauded the aims and then read the book again and still loved it. The bit with the Australian spider expert and the fairy cakes is my favourite bit of DNA writing (so far)! Who need fiction when you've got scientists?
Any info will be very eagerly received, and if there is to be no follow up as yet, please keep it in mind next time you are short of money and think someone would be interested in sponsoring you.
yours deeply,

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