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Subject: Re: Your thoughts on Mozart, Bach, and music in general ( 2 of 8 )
Posted by melbourne mark

I once had the privelege of visiting Bach's grave. It was a still and quiet day with no other visitors around. After a few minutes I became aware of a mournful, low pitched, discordant noise. Intrigued, as any musicologist would be, I recorded the noise for future investigation. Many months later, back in Australia, a sound engineer friend of mine whom I had asked to investigate my recording rang me up in a very excited state:
"Get over here - you won't believe what I've found!"
Needless to say I went straight over to bet met by my friend in an advanced state of rapture. He explained his discovery thus:
"I'd tried every which way to make sense of the discordant dirge you had recorded, then this morning I played it in reverse on my old reel to reel and it was clearly recognisable as a beautiful rendition of Brahms' Lullaby!!"
Yes my friends, I had recorded Brahms decomposing...

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