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Subject: Re: Hitchhiker's Movie Scoop ( 6 of 14 )
Posted by Patrick Sauriol

I'm the fellow who posted that scoop on "Coming Attractions". Two scoopers have told me to come on here and see Mr. Adams refute of the legitmacy of the Hitchhiker's scoop I posted yesterday. I've sent an email off to Mr. Adams asking for his help to get to the bottom of this mess.

To better explain my actions, I was approached by an individual who told me they were working on the movie in a pre-production capacity. I asked him some questions to try and see if he was in a position where he could claim what he was saying, and he replied to my questions with a couple of answers that seemed to confirm he had knowledge of the project. (I knew some of these things through another third source, which I trust 100%).

Anyway, to make a long story short, this individual seemed to know what they were talking about. I posted their scoop and have since received secondary emails from this individual (who has revealed their email address and "name") along with additional comments from others who "claim" to know a little bit about this project.

In any case, I'm interested in getting the facts, nothing more. If I've been duped I'll be the first to post it on the page over on CA. I hope Mr. Adams responds to my query, and if the wool's been pulled over my eyes, I think it's best Doug knows someone's claiming that they're working for him on the movie...


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