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Subject: Re: Fore! (Good shot, mr Adams!) ( 2 of 13 )
Posted by Douglas Adams

I love the Wodehouse stories about gold, as you might imagine.

My one experience of it was many, many years ago, when a friend of mine offered to introduce me to the sport, and we played a round at a local golf course.

My friend wasn't a great player, but he was a goodish player and he took it very seriously. The inevitable happened and he found himself playing rather badly, and fluffing easy shots, as a result of which he became rather tense and morose. I, as complete beginners often do, hit one or lucky shots. By the end of the game my friend was such a clenched knot of self hatred that the whole thing was unbearable.

I thought I'd give it a rest for twenty or thirty years to wait for the memories of that hideous day to wear off, but they haven't really subsided yet.

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