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Subject: Re: Harry Potter ( 7 of 15 )
Posted by daniel speed

ha !
you are a cryptic old bastard aren't you!
oh by the way my name is Dan Too, maybe Dan Two would be more functional.
At any rate there seems a slim chance you will read this email and as i have written numerous times to a lady who claims to be your secretary and yet hasn't helped anymore then to tell me your a busy man. (breath) i thought i'd try again.
i'm an aussie in the USA. i have to talk to a sci-fi class about you! and i was thinking of trying to get you online with us to answer some direct questions.
you see sci-fi is the big thing over here and few people have had the pleasure of sinking into Dirk Gently's microcosm. A book i might add, you wrote for me but that's another story. anyway please let me know if you could help as i think it might be a great chance ... i was going to say "for you", but its actually a great chance for me. so once again please write back
yours in binary Daniel Speed
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