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Subject: Re: A bit Question of Film ( 3 of 7 )
Posted by THE

This film is going to be made in Hollywood, right? Then it will likely end up being basta-.. rather, Americanized into virtual unrecognizability. Marvin will go from being the Paranoid Android to being Marvin, the Homicidally Insane Ex-Postal Android, complete with built in Kill-o-zap guns. Ford will end up being played by Harrison Ford (an example of the witty casting decisions made by American film producers), Trillian will likely as not end up being Pamala Anderson Lee, who's lack of acting ability never much impacter her career, Zaphod will end up being Arnold Schwarzenegger (I wonder how they will work *that* one into the plot) and Arthur will probably be played by Leonardo Decaprio or someone like that. The mice will be CGI from Industrial Light and Magic, Slartibarfast will likely as not be James Earl Jones (the only one who can act in this cast list so far) and Deep Thought will end up being Deep Blue from IBM.

(And if you think I'm kidding, you should see what Hollywood did to Dr. Who- They turned it into a love story)

Personally, I would rather see Leonardo Decaprio play Agrajag, so I can see him die about 20 times during the film.

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