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Subject: Re: Paul Simon Dedication ( 3 of 5 )
Posted by John Delf

Five years too long, I should say so. My wife reads John Grisham and has a new book to read almost every other week. Please can you write some more books, Mr Adams, as I am only 32 years old and have far too many years ahead of me to face with out another word written by your hand ( or is it Mac ). It is just so unfair that you sit there in your jacuzzi enjoying your immense wealth while I have to sit in a cold bath reading crap books. I just know that as soon as you read this you will get the inspiration to write again! Why I didn't email earlier I do not know and you could already have been half way through your new trilogy! I am absolutely sure I am the first person to ask this!!!

If you decide not to write ever again can you recommend me any good bathtime reading?
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