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Subject: Huh... ( 4 of 5 )
Posted by Chevy Lumina

Hmmm...did your friend ever have the habit of staring fixedly into the sky looking for "green flying saucers", or did he somehow seem to not blink quite often enough...? ;)

Off on another tangent--but SORTA related--I first heard about a new make of car today called the "Daewoo Nubira".
Now don't TRY to tell me that's Japanese or Korean or some such; I recognise Betelgeusian when I see it! ;)
Daewoo Nubira sounds like the name of a law firm on Galanphraxnia Seven or something...
Or "Nubira" by itself sounds as if it could be the name of one of the three mothers that Ford and Zaphod share...
At any rate, that car name INSTANTLY struck me as an Adams-esque alien name the second I saw it! And it occurs to me that if an alien researcher came to Earth nowadays and wanted to be "inconspicuous" by naming himself after a car...heck, he wouldn't have to bother, with car names like THAT! He could just keep his own alien name, and nobody would notice or care! :)

ANYway. "Journey of the Sorceror". Ya know what, I'm a bit of an idiot. I had no IDEA that was by any famous band (and certainly not the Eagles, of whom I'm a bit of a fan) when I first saw the TV series. I thought the tune was catchy, but I guess I just kinda assumed, inside, without really thinking about it, that the music was written by some studio people who were employed by the BBC at the time...I didn't find out that it even HAD a name until just recently; and from this forum. DUH...
(And OHMYGOD, talk about freaky radio just started playing "Hotel California"... :))
Yeah, I'm dumb, dumb, dumb. But if you try to insult me I'll sue you for Mental Health Hazard, via the law firm of Daewoo, Nubira, and Janxel! ;)


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