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Subject: HHGG Sequel/Infocom ( 1 of 3 )
Posted by Chairman Mao

A question (which has probably been answered before)...
As a long time fan of HHGG, it must be said that my first experience was the computer game (Which I still had the fluff.. and the spaceships and the glasses and, oh, what else was in the box?... as an aside, much as I am a IBM PC fan, I started out with a PCjr.. know how one had to upgrade the memory? By slapping it onto the side of a printer. I'm currently using it as a partial replacement of couch fluff)

Of course, after winning the game (and Bureaucracy) many times over, I had nothing left to do but wait for the sequel. Roomers persisted.. and still no sequel.

And I have waited. I have looked. I've noticed that there was actually some amount of code written when Infocom basically bellied up.

Question is... what was your involvement with the sequel.. and, more importantly, have you ever considered releasing it? I've noticed that you may be releasing the original as shareware :)


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