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Subject: Re: Mr. Adams - A quesion about SST coming to DVD ( 2 of 5 )
Posted by THE

Actually, just because something is moved to DVD does not mean it will have better graphics and sound, just that there is more room to put such graphics and sounds.

As it is, Starship Titanic uses MP3 audio, so you won't see much (if any) of an improvement, except maybe in the ambient sounds, and even then you are only talking about an increase in the number of sounds, not the quality. As far as the graphics go, to improve the graphics would mean having to re-render about 500 graphic sequences, which is quite a bit of work. They would be better off just starting over and doing a sequel in DVD rather than trying to port it *and* improve it.

As far as swapping CDs, I got fed up with that to and just reinstalled it with a full install. OK, so it took up 1.3 gig, but it didn't bother me to change the CDs anymore. Even though it was a pain to do, I think TDV did a pretty good job trying to cut up the CDs to minimize swapping, even it they did end up having to duplicate nearly 30% of the files on every CD.

Now *I* have a question about the gameplay in Starship Titanic- how do you MAKE the bomb go off. I know you press the button and it just starts counting, but I sat there for about half an hour while it counted and it just started over. Do I have to be away from the bomb for it to explode?


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